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Company Profile:  Why choose MFSL for Mammoth Property Management?

Mammoth Five Star Lodging Vacation Rentals is a privately owned boutique style management company. Owner, Megan Herbst purchased the company in 2005 and has found that good old-fashioned principles work well even today: work hard, believe in superior customer service, answer the phone, and have strong integrity. As she tells many renters, “If I don’t have accommodations to meet your exact needs, I’ll help you find someone who does.”  

Megan has a diverse background that gives her the ability to bring several skills to the property management arena. With degree in psychology and a strong background in sales, she has extensive experience with understanding her client’s needs.

Megan knows what people are looking for in a vacation property. She knows the value of key amenities, what small upgrades will demand greater rental rates, and the importance of Return on Investment (ROI).

If you ask Megan why she thinks you should consider Mammoth Five Star Lodging, she’ll tell you it comes down to the fact that she views herself as a partner with the owners she manages. Communication with her owners is essential to a good partnership as well as listening to what owners have to say.

Call today to talk to Megan directly and she will help answer all of your questions with respect to Mammoth Five Star Lodging management. As she often jokes, “I sleep with my iphone!”

Management Comparison Chart  

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What Makes Us Different

Owner Has Over a Decade of Experience

Who better to provide property management services than someone who is has over a decade of experience in the vacation rental business? She knows that you care about the net rental amount put in your pocket, but that is only part of the picture. You want someone that will go above in beyond in property management by providing the service for cleanliness, maintenance, assuring respectful renters occupy your home and treat it as their own, and that you are communicated with well.

Owner is a Renter

The owner of Mammoth Five Star Lodging can relate well to guests since she used to be one too, visiting mammoth on family trips growing up. She travels domestically and internationally and has seen the good and bad with respect to properties, service, and how the little details make a big difference. The owner is constantly learning and looking for ways to provide even more by way of customer service. She attributes this in part to why she has a nice pool of repeat and referral business and strong owner retention.


Our state of the art website is designed to make both the guest and owner experience a pleasant, easy one. A guest can easily book a unit (that they get to choose specifically) right online. But there is much more to our website than displaying professionally photographed units. Our website is designed with Condensed Style Sheets (CSS) allowing for fast load times while guests are searching for accommodations they don’t have to scroll up and down to get the information they are looking for. CSS design also always for better Search Engine Optimization (SEO) giving higher relevance to premier search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

Adding new units to our website is easy and done in-house at Mammoth Five Star Lodging. Adding or updating a property can be done within a matter of minutes.


Fresh, crisp sheets and high quality linens are the norm at Mammoth Five Star Lodging. Also, We pay cleaning employees per hour, not per unit. Our cleaners are teamed together to ensure quality of service and they are given a very comprehensive, unit specific checklist for each unit. Little things such as batteries, cabinet hinges, blind controls, etc. must be checked each time. Our guests and owners deserve units that are kept in the best condition possible.

Housekeeping / Inspections

Here again is one area that we feel we separate ourselves from the rest.  We have an in housecleaning company which allows for complete quality control.  Here are a few key concepts that ensure your investment and the guest’s experience are the best:

      • We pay our cleaners hourly, not per condo.  We want our cleaners to take the time necessary to inspect and clean your home or condo the way it should be each and every time.
      • Two- cleaners in each unit each time.  This helps ensure honesty and two pairs of eyes are always better than one.
      • Individual detailed checklist for every unit.  Every home and condo are different.  Our cleaners must check and initial a checklist specific to your property each time they clean.  This includes little things (that make a big difference!) such as ensuring the ice cube trays have been cleaned out, blankets are folded neatly in the closets, and that humidifiers are emptied and cleaned.  The checklist also includes ensuring all accessories specific to your unit are in place and are not broken. We take a full inventory of your unit before the first guest every steps into your investment.
      • Notebook-Our cleaners have a notebook that includes photos of your unit so they know how to present the unit each time.
      • Double check system—our cleaners must report to the cleaning supervisor every time they arrive and leave a unit.  This way both the supervisor and the cleaners have a schedule of what units to clean what day.
      • Light bulbs and batteries—our cleaners must check these items each time. Standard light bulbs and batteries are included in our management fee unlike most of our competitors.   It’s these little things that make for an overall wonderful experience for our guests and owners.
      • Accountability—our cleaners are thoroughly checking your unit each time, so if there is something amiss such as a spill on the carpet, or a broken vase, we know it and will take the necessary steps to not only remedy the issue, but will withhold from the responsible party’s security deposit to cover the costs.


Quality Linens—we buy high quality linens and towels so our guests have better than a good night’s sleep. We also provide green toiletry produces such as eco-friendly shampoo and soap to do our part to participate in protecting the planet.

Keys / Check-in and Check-out Procedures

We believe in a higher quality of service at Mammoth Five Star Lodging. To make the check in process seamless we email guests detailed check in instructions 30 days prior to arrival and again on the day of check in. The check in instructions include driving directions and a secret code to gain access to either a lock box containing a hard key or a code to open the front door of the rental by way of an electronic keypad. We make checking in and out an easy problem free process for our guests!

Concierge Services

As part of our commitment to go above and beyond just renting a place to stay, Mammoth Five Star Lodging offers our guests help with getting discount lift tickets, ski rentals, recommendations of places to eat, spas, daycare options, and more. We want our guests to be pampered and we want them to return again and again.

24/7 Guest Service

It’s true–the owner sleeps with her I phone. What if a guest gets lost in a blizzard? Mammoth Five Star Lodging is there. Mammoth Five Star Lodging knows that guests want and deserve service at all times during their vacation. We have staff available for maintenance and emergencies around the clock

Knowledgeable In-House Team–No Outsourcing

Sure, we could hire outside resources to book our homes, but we do not, we strive to provide: personal, knowledgeable service that we believe every guest deserves. How can outside companies offering to fill our calendars even more, possibly achieve this when they have never even stepped foot into our units? Our team at Mammoth Five Star Lodging know the units well, in fact, it is required!


Your condo or home is your investment. You deserve to know everything that is going on with respect to your investment. Mammoth Five Star Lodging believes in communicating with their owners on a regular basis. Owners can call anytime to discuss concerns, forecasts for rentals, property status, or just because they want to. Mammoth Five Star Lodging provides regular business updates to their owners so you are kept apprised of all of the hard work going on behind the scenes. Have any great ideas? Let us know! The communication line goes both ways.

Real-Time Calendars

Ever wanted to know if you unit is booked and if you can use it for a night or two? At Mammoth Five Star Lodging we believe in keeping availability calendars published openly for the benefit of both guests and owners. Owners even have the ability to blackout dates for their own personal use – ultimate convenience via the online owner login area accessible to you 24/7.

What You See is What You Get–Guest Chooses Unit

Large management companies often display stock photos and do not guaranty a specific unit to guests.  At Mammoth Five Star Lodging we believe guests deserve to know exactly what they are renting.  Renters never request a change in their accommodations because they are booking what they see online.  This comes from not only advertising professional photos of your unit, but by ensuring that your unit is kept in top condition with respect to cleanliness and maintenance.

Pro Photography

Let’s face it, photos sell. You know that you have a beautiful unit, now we need to prove it. Mammoth Five Star Lodging uses professional photographers to showcase your unit in its best light. Unlike our competitors, we do not charge owners for this expense upon start up like our competitors.

Marketing and Advertising

The owner of Mammoth Five Star Lodging has extensive experience in computer/internet technology. We use the internet to your advantage to secure a higher level of occupancy. She understands the intricacies of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), what factors affect organic searches, and how to obtain more visibility of your unit on various vacation rental sites. We also have hired aPay Per Click and SEO Optimization marketing specialist to help ensure that your unit is rented as much as possible.

All advertising costs are incurred by Mammoth Five Star Lodging, so don’t worry, no hidden fees here!


We like to put ourselves in the shoes of the renter (since we too travel, we know what we would want or expect). We strive to answer all email inquiries within 1 hour and all phone messages within 2 hours if not immediately during normal business hours. We answer our phones seven days a week. We understand the need for customer service.

Online reservations—offering the ultimate in convenience, we offer our guests the ability to book right online from our website. Our website was designed based on major travel reservation websites to ensure the upmost in ease for booking online.

Travel Insurance

There is a reason accidents are called accidents. If you have never had one while traveling, then your chances of having one occur at some future point are that much greater. Although we do not require our renters to purchase travel insurance, we do offer them the option in an effort to provide even better service. Our insurance provider and has provided exceptional coverage for several years. For you, the owner, we hope it is comforting to know that when our guests book that money is nonrefundable if they try to cancel within 30 days of their arrival date, unless they purchase travel insurance. This insurance provides protection not only if guests cannot make the trip (for various reasons) but also if they are injured while traveling.

Working with Owners to Generate More Income

Here at Mammoth Five Star Lodging we view ourselves as partners with our owners.  We know very well the little things that guests like.  We also know what relatively small things will make photos stand out from the rest.  We want to partner with you to make sure your get the maximum rental revenue possible.  Try us.  We’ll come to your unit and show you how to generate even more income.

Rental Contracts

We do require all of our renters to sign and agree to a set of rental terms. This is to provide a clear explanation of what is expected of the renter which includes taking care of your home. Keeping up with technology and helping to provide ease and simplicity for our guests, we offer an electronic version of our contracts that each guests e-signs. It is very simple for our guests, allows for quick turnaround time in getting a contract signed, and does hold up legally in case litigation is ever necessary.

Comparing Apples to Apples

One thing we will admit to is that we are not perfect. This is why we believe we are one of the best Mammoth property management companies you will find. Sounds like a contradiction, we know. But because we know we can improve, we are constantly in communication with our owners and guests to find ways to get even better. We believe when you compare us to other companies, you will find our attention to detail being a small boutique style company far surpasses the competition. We hope that when you compare (and we do encourage you to do so before making your property management decision) that you compare apples to apples. 

Some companies boast a low commission rate only to restrict owners from using their home to two weeks a year or penalize them. They may also require owners to pay all advertising costs or have high “nickel and dime” fees so at the end of the day their commission is much higher than advertised. But how well are other companies doing with respect to quality control? We do know there are other good property management companies in Mammoth, but when you really compare all of the factors: commission, cleanliness, communication, guest service, quality control and more, we believe you will find Mammoth Five Star Lodging to be a smart choice that definitely competes with the rest!

Owner Testimonials

“If you have ever wanted to do business with a truly honest, caring Property Manager for rentals in Mammoth, then look no farther than Megan Herbst at Megan has provided me the utmost in careful and honest management of my property while at the same time maximizing my rental income.

If any problem surfaces, she is quick to solve it immediately. Megan carefully matches the proper clients to her listings, and then watches over them closely to be sure the rentals are perfect in every detail. Examples at my home include her arrangements to help elderly clients carry their suitcases up the stairs of my home, and arranging for a last-minute tank of propane for my gas grill when it was found to be almost empty upon the renter’s arrival. I can honestly say that Megan is truly a first-class business woman who genuinely cares about both her renters and the owners of her property listings. Great job, Megan!

– Matt S.- Mammoth Five Star Lodging Client For Over a Decade

“I Decided to team up with Mammoth 5 Star lodging several years ago. Before that my unit was managed by a very large property management company and that’s when I realized bigger does not mean better and I was always extremely disappointed at the condition of the property every time I came to Mammoth to use it. Clearly there was no oversight or concern for my property. Later I found out that there was no special consideration for high end slope side properties, mine was lumped in with everything else in Mammoth’ also they were letting the place go for a ridiculously low rate just to get revenue. Since signing up with Megan I have been extremely satisfied. My property is well taken care there is never any damage and the revenue is more than I expected. Megan is also very responsive to owner’s concerns and takes action to resolve any issues. In fact I just recently purchased another premium slopeside property and added it to Megan’s inventory. Bottom line is this if you have a high end property that you want to rent it out and also want it to be looked after so that you can feel it’s your home when you vacation in Mammoth I am certain there is no better option than Mammoth 5 Star lodging.

-Rik N. – Mammoth Five Star Lodging Client Since 2011

“Megan Herbst, of Mammoth Five Star Lodging has been managing our Juniper Springs Lodge Condo since 2010 and we could not be happier with her professional expertise, attention to detail, ability to communicate with clients/owners firmly and politely and quick response to any repair need.  Our condo has been highly maintained and the housekeeping services provided are excellent. Megan has strong administrative skills and won’t let you down. She’s a gem. My husband and I give her a Five Star Rating in the management of our condo! ”

-John & Ann M.-  Mammoth Five Star Lodging Client Since 2010

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