When you plan a trip to Mammoth Lakes, you’re sure to plan for plenty of fun activities and sightseeing. Get some thrills and chills to balance out all of the relaxation with a trip to Bodie Ghost Town. The town is designated as a state historic park and offers hours of exploration.

The Park

Operated by the California Department of Parks and Recreation, Bodie State Historic Park is a genuine gold-mining ghost town. Walk down the deserted streets of the town that used to host up to 10,000 gold miners and their families. The town was named for Waterman S. Body (William Bodey) – who discovered small amounts of gold in hills north of Mono Lake. In 1875, a mine cave-in revealed a pay-dirt, and the Standard Company bought the mine in 1877, causing people from all over to flock to Bodie. Only a small part of the Bodie Ghost Town Mammoth remains, with interiors of buildings are frozen in time – still stocked with the goods townspeople left behind. It produced over $35 million in gold and silver.

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The buildings of Bodie are a true representation of life in a mining town during the California Gold Rush of the 1800s. There are nearly 200 abandoned wooden buildings sitting in a state of “arrested decay” for you to explore. See the remnants of local church, schoolhouse, barbershop, and saloon. Many of these places were abandoned as they were and still hold relics like alcohol bottles, desks, chairs, and other tools of the trades.

When to Visit

While the park itself is technically open year-round, the roads to get there close with the first snowfall of the year. You’ll want to make sure to check road conditions and Bodie’s hours of operation before setting out on your ghost-hunting adventure. Official hours are 9 AM-6 PM in the summer season (May 15-October 31) and 9 AM-3 PM in the winter (November 1-May 14). It’s best explored in the warmer weather of summer and fall.

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What to Bring

Bodie State Historic Park does not offer any services other than restrooms. You may bring your own snacks and drinks. Don’t forget other essentials like your camera, sunscreen, and jacket – even in the summer months. Keep in mind Bodie Ghost Town Mammoth is at an elevation of 8,375 feet. While you can bring your cell phone, there is limited service and signal, so make sure to stay together with your group while you explore!

Spirited Fun at Bodie Ghost Town

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