Mammoth Lakes Property Management Services by Five Star Lodging

Choosing A Property Management Program

Aren’t all Mammoth Lakes Property Managers basically the same?

Every manager cleans and tries to keep things in working order. The difference between okay service and Five Star Mammoth Lakes property management service, is great systems and great people. When problems get missed, guests become disappointed and they complain in reviews. Sales performance suffers. At Five Star, we pay our people more and we support them with the best systems money can buy. Maintenance problems are caught and cleaning problems corrected before the guest checks in. The result is consistently high reviews and top revenue performance.

How much should I pay for Property Management?

The answer depends on the level of service you want for yourself and your guests. The Five Star family of brands all take advantage of our custom-designed, proprietary technology that blends the best of cutting edge automation with good, old fashioned, 24-7 human attention. We have figured out the best way to deliver top quality guest service in a challenging rural market; and that means outstanding service for your guests, and great reviews for your property. With a wide range of programs including our Full Service Management, to our Concierge© Elite All-Inclusive Management, we have a program with the right balance of service and price for you.

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So You Want To Buy A Vacation Rental?

What Is A Vacation Rental?

A Vacation Rental is a regulated, professional, tourism business. Investors purchase residential condominiums or townhomes for personal use and contract a manager to monetize their investment when not in use. When purchasing an actively renting Vacation Rental, it is important to remember that you are not just buying a home, but an ongoing business.

Think Hospitality Management, Not Property Management

While Property Managers have an important responsibility safeguarding long-term rentals and managing the occasional maintenance issues that may arise, Vacation Rental Managers are expected to deliver a hotel-like experience to today’s traveler. A typical Vacation Rental in Mammoth Lakes, CA can generate between 50 to 80 confirmed reservations per year as well as hundreds of inquiries that don’t ultimately result in bookings. Vacation Rental Managers are part Property Manager, part travel agent, part concierge; the quality of service they provide can significantly impact the return on your investment. That's why choosing the best Mammoth Lakes property management service provider is key to your vacation rentals success.

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