Damage Waiver Insurance

Vacationers who have purchased the Accidental Damage Limited Waiver of Liability and have paid the required cost, will not be obligated to pay, subject to the conditions referred to below, for damage to real or personal property of the Property Owner that is occupied by the Vacationer up to $1,500.00. If the Vacationer purchases the Waiver, The Property Owner waives the right to charge the Vacationer for theft or damages to the Property as a result of inadvertent acts or omissions from the date the Vacationer checks-in to the Property to the date of check-out.

The Accidental Damage Limited Waiver of Liability has certain conditions. The Waiver will not waive liability for damage or theft resulting from:

  1. Intentional acts and omissions by a Vacationer and/or their guests.*
  2. When the consequences to the Property could have been foreseen by a reasonable person including additional cleaning and/or maintenance resulting from abuse and/or neglect.*
  3. Gross Negligence which, for the purposes of this Waiver, shall be defined as an act by a Vacationer and/or their guests that is reckless or wilfully disregards the consequences to the Property including loss or damage by animals;*
  4. Any cause, if the Vacationer does not report the damage immediately to the agency prior to checking out of the Property; *
  5. Loss or damage for Vacationer damages in excess of $1,500.00. *
  6. The Waiver does not apply for theft or damage of any property owned by or brought on to the premises by a Vacationer and their guests.

*In the event of loss or damage to the Property caused by such acts or omissions by the Vacationer and/or their invitee’s, the Vacationer will be entirely liable for such damages. Any of the aforementioned issues or damages may be debited from the credit card submitted by the Vacationer to the Company.

All waivers of theft or damage will be administered by Agency staff at the Property. Such staff will have the sole authority to determine the nature and extent of damages, necessary repairs and eligibility for the waiver of liability described herein. The Vacationer must report in writing any theft or damage to the Property or its contents to staff of the Agency by the time of check-out or any otherwise applicable damage waiver for such Vacationer will be void. The Agency manager has ultimate administration authority. In the event of any dispute relating to this waiver the Agency may require such dispute be submitted to binding arbitration.

The Accidental Damage Limited Waiver of Liability takes effect upon check in or registration on the booked arrival date to the Property together with payment of the Waiver fee before check-in. The Waiver shall terminate upon normal check-out time or the departure of the Vacationer, whichever occurs first.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Payments for the Accidental Damage Limited Waiver of Liability will not be accepted after the Vacationer has entered the Property, please purchase it prior to your arrival date.

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