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Not all getaways are quick in-and-out adventures in fun. Some are extended escapes in which travelers get to spend their time getting to know the town they are visiting and beginning to feel they are a part of the community. These extended vacations can be due to work contracts, family matters, or even just be an interlude between the old job you just left and the new job you are about to begin, and when your extended journey brings you to Mammoth Lakes, our long term rentals have everything you need to ensure that your visit will be a comfortable one! Offering the important amenities such as fully equipped kitchens and access to laundry facilities and the even more important qualities that include comfortable furnishings and all the modern conveniences that just make life easier, this guide to our long-term rentals in Mammoth Lakes, CA is one that will help make your extended stay a dream come true!

All the Comforts of Home

Our long-term rentals in Mammoth Lakes, CA are about to become your home away from home, and while every property we offer is different, their homelike qualities will make this adventure one you never want to end. High-speed internet allows for practically glitch-free virtual meetings, something that travelers who are working from home will greatly appreciate, especially as they attend from their perch on the patio, watching the trees sway in the breeze as the meeting drones on and on. The Sunday afternoon nap is a tradition that doesn’t have to end in Mammoth Lakes, and as you doze lightly on soft sectionals, the sounds of the ballgame playing on the large state-of-the-art television providing a soothing lullaby that leads you into a deeper sleep, you may decide that every afternoon deserves such a nap. Fully equipped kitchens will offer all the equipment you need to prepare meals, because while eating out is fun, it can get expensive and boring if you have to do it every single meal. A good night’s sleep is something we adults often seem to forget how to do, but in your Mammoth Five Star Lodging long-term rental, every night will offer the best sleep you have ever experienced. Open the windows a crack during your summer adventures and let the sounds of the night lull you into the sweet oblivion that makes each morning something to look forward to! 

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Choose a vacation lifestyle you wish your real life could emulate! 

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