Mammoth, California Ski Guide

Mammoth is a prime vacation destination for just about anybody who enjoys skiing, regardless of their skill level. Sometimes finding the right time to plan your vacation can be tough if you want to hit the slopes, especially if you have to plan far in advance and there happens to not be enough snow for the best experience. Thankfully, Mammoth Mountain receives over 400 inches of snow on average every year, making sure you’ll have easy access to over 3,500 acres of skiable terrain to enjoy during your trip.

With the sheer amount of space that becomes ski friendly, you’ll have so many options to choose from. Experts will be able to travel around and hit some of the thrilling downhill runs and complex trails, and beginners won’t necessarily have to worry about just going down the same beginner slope over and over again. There’s something for everyone, so here are some recommendations on the best parts to ski on Mammoth Mountain. Enjoy our ultimate Mammoth Ski Guide!

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Beginner Friendly Runs

Roughly a quarter of the available ski area is accessible to beginners, and not just people who are experiencing their first time on the mountain. As new skiers find their style, they’ll want to experiment with all different kinds of trails, and Mammoth Mountain offers a selection that will help build up the confidence to tackle those harder trails down the line.


This is one of the longest beginner trails in the area, and makes for a great stomping ground for anyone looking to really get some good practice in. It’s well trafficked, so there will be plenty of other beginners around looking to find their stride on an easy incline.


If you’re looking to sort of bridge the gap between beginner and intermediate, this is a great trail for you to hit. It’s a wide trail with plenty of space for everyone to ski without worrying about collisions, but you’ll also be able to pick up some speed if you want.


Intermediate Level Runs

Once you’ve really built up some confidence in your abilities, the best way to put them to the test is to try something a little harder. There are plenty of intermediate trails that will allow you to get some good speed going, and also trails with obstacles for you to get accustomed to avoiding.

Jibs & More

If you want to cut your teeth on some jumps and obstacles without prying eyes, this is a great stop. There are small jumps, snowy ramps, and great terrain for you to test your comfort level on here, and it’s a great spot for some peace and quiet while you focus.

Road Runner

If you’re walking the line between intermediate and experienced, this is a good choice for a long trail. Enjoy this 3-mile run with some of the most gorgeous views on the mountain but be ready for some steep drops and challenging terrain.


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Advanced Runs

If you’ve really spent the time building up your skills, you’ll want to find new trails that offer exciting challenges to help keep you sharp. Mammoth definitely doesn’t lack for those challenges, either, as you’ll find there are plenty of different spots that will push your skillset to the limit.


This is the highest run on the mountain and makes for a great spot to hit, especially if you manage to get there early in the morning after it has been freshly dusted. The steep terrain and expansive area the trail runs through will make you feel like you’re flying, and you’ll really get the chance to pick up some speed.

Hangman’s Hollow

This is a short run, but don’t let the brief journey fool you into thinking it’s going to be an easy one. You’ll have your skills pushed to the limit on this precision run, with large rocky terrain getting in your way if you aren’t staying aware. Be careful, though, as the run changes with the weather conditions, so repeat visits might be wildly different.


You’ll get access to some of the best terrain on the mountain on this run, as it isn’t so high up that the winds sweep up the powder. While you’re enjoying this primo terrain at top speeds, watch out for the trees, as they make for some challenging obstacles.

All This and So Much More

This is just a small offering of some of the different slopes available to you on Mammoth Mountain. There are a ton of different maps and trail listings for you to browse, so don’t be afraid to do some exploring while you’re in the area.

If you don’t have your own gear, there are plenty of different rental services in Mammoth, too. These companies are all glad to help and can give some great recommendations on the right gear for your upcoming ski trip.

When you’ve got everything planned out, you’ll have a cozy rental to return to every night while you rest up for your next journey. Our team is ready and waiting to help match you with the perfect Mammoth ski in ski out rentals, so get in touch with us now and we’ll get your trip started off right.


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