Silver Bear Vacation Rentals in Mammoth

The town of Mammoth Lakes is not a large one, but the variety of Mammoth luxury vacation rentals we offer hail from all over the region, including the charming Silver Bear Condominiums. Offering simple luxuries, quiet comforts, and more of those views that will take your breath away, it’s the golf course that is right next door that will make many travelers want to stay at Silver Bear for the rest of their lives—or at least for every summer of their lives! Every day is a new adventure in Mammoth Lakes in our Silver Bear condos, and this guide to their wonders will give you a sneak peek at what your dream vacation will look like when your dreams come true.

Our Mammoth Luxury Vacation Rentals Put Comfort First

Style matters at Silver Bear, as it is the first thing that catches your eye when scrolling through the pictures of potential rentals, but what is style without comfort? We have learned to blend the two, offering beautiful furnishings that invite guests to explore further, and then we reel you in with their comforts. Living room spaces may feature cabin décor and charming artwork, but if the sofa propped in front of the television doesn’t want to make you feel like napping, what’s the point? And although a kitchen is a space filled with hard surfaces, updated appliances will bring you all the comforts of home as you prepare your favorite comfort foods. Meal prep is a chore we don’t all enjoy, but there is something comforting that takes place when family joins you at the breakfast bar, chatting idly or perhaps even taking over some of the cutting duties.

Dining rooms are where big news gets shared and laughter rings throughout the space, but how much fun can it be if the chairs that surround the dining table are hard and uncomfortable? Whether you are dining, playing games, or planning the next day’s adventures in Mammoth Lakes, you want to be comfortable as you sit and we try to make it happen. Long days spent on the slopes in the winter, early mornings spent with pole in hand in the summer, and extended hikes through the countryside will tire even the hardiest of travelers but if the beds are hard and lumpy and the linens are stiff and scratchy, sleep may not come easy. Our Silver Bear condos offer unique design choices, each one planned out by the owner of the space according to what their idea of a dream mountain retreat would look like, but comfort and welcoming are traits they all share, making your Mammoth Lakes vacation one that you and your family will remember fondly for years to come.

Fun in Mammoth Lakes

Generally, it is the skiing that draws people to our mountain town, but if our luxury vacation rentals in Mammoth Lakes look appealing and you have planned a warmer weather getaway, we have a feeling it’s the proximity to Sierra Star Golf Course that has brought you to our doorstep! Located just steps away from the front door of our Silver Bear condos, its 18-hole par 70 championship course is everything a golf fan could want in a course, even if the awe inspiring views may distract you from your game! Closed during the winter months, Memorial Day Weekend brings more than a three-day holiday, it also indicates opening day of our favorite course, so start planning now!

Winter visitors will be pleased to note that the condos are just a 5-minute drive to the Tamarack Cross Country Ski Center, allowing for long days spent exploring the countryside on skis and fall visitors won’t care what else there is to do once they catch their first glimpse of the trees decked out in their autumn finest! Of course, there will be plenty to do during this colorful and cool season, including hikes through said trees, and the pictures you take will definitely be frame worthy. Spring, of course, is still ski season as the snow remains through May and on some rare occasions over the year, through July!

Time to Eat

The fully equipped kitchens in our luxury vacation rentals in Mammoth Lakes come in handy, but that doesn’t mean you have to enjoy every meal at home, especially when the restaurants near the complex serve the comfort food you crave. Enjoy sweet breakfast treats at the Side Door Wine bar & Café and pick up a bottle of your favorite grape to enjoy back at the condo; their wine store is guaranteed to have your favorites and some new bottles that will tempt you into trying. Toomey’s is a baseball themed restaurant serving all-American foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and has become famous for its wild buffalo meatloaf. And when you want a little something special, 53 Kitchen and Cocktails is known for its new American cuisine and handmade cocktails. All three of these establishments are located within walking distance of Silver Bear, so leave the rental car in its parking space and enjoy the fresh air.

Contact us today to reserve your favorite Silver Bear Condo and get ready for an amazing vacation!

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