Silver Bear Property Management in Mammoth

The best property managers know the secrets to keeping guests happy while ensuring that their owners make top dollar and if you are consider purchasing a condo in the Silver Bear community in Mammoth, our Five Star Lodging property management in Mammoth Lakes CA is the first place you should look. Not all property management companies are created equal, and you may think that if you worked with one company, all other companies are the same, but we are here to ask you to try the Five Star Difference and check out what we have to offer and discover why your Mammoth property is destined to thrive with us.

Staff Matters

To be the best you have to hire the best and we only hire the people we would feel safe in running our own homes. Our staff cares about doing a good job and they care about your property which shows in the kindness in their voices when dealing with the 2 AM emergencies and in the attention paid to details that might seem boring to others. Your Silver Bear property may not be the only one we provide services for, but it will seem like it is as we keep it maintained, sanitized, and ready for guests every night of the year.

Easily Affordable

It is true that we pay our staff well, but does that mean our services are priced too high for your taste? This is one of the areas where we differ from other companies, allowing our owners to determine the level of care they want for their biggest investment. Our sales and operation platforms are available to owner/managers for a 10% fee (which is lower than the nation’s average costs) while our full-service management program charges just 15%, and finally our Concierge Elite All-Inclusive Management program, which does everything that will make your home a star on the vacation rental sites for just a 33% fee. Whichever program works for you, the basic tenet of old-fashioned human attention is blended with the modern advantages of automation services, guaranteeing your home will be the one everyone wants to rent.

What Your Mammoth Property Needs

The basics of vacation rental investments are simple: provide 24-7 service with a human on the line, keep the property well maintained, make it easy for tenants to rent, and do all the paperwork that will keep you out of trouble with Uncle Sam. Toss in some good décor choices, an excellent advertising plan, and a team that will ensure the house is not just cleaned but sanitized between guests. Managers need to know the local, state, and federal laws regarding vacation rentals, and at the end of the day, the biggest investment you may ever make in your life must be treated as a business. It all sounds easy, and it is, but there is one last consideration that needs to be made. Do you have the time to do all that is needed to ensure top revenue and positive reviews? If not, it makes sense to choose the level of management needed to ensure that your property is the one that prospective tenants want to make their home away from home.

Don’t Miss Out on Your Chance to Thrive

Your property needs to stand out in a sea of vacation rentals, and that involves adding the hospitality edge to your business. Show your guests a good time, make them feel comfortable and pampered, and they will remember your Silver Bear property and request it every time they return to Mammoth Lakes. And because we don’t just work here, we live here and play here, our staff always knows the top attractions, the best restaurants, and the finest shops, playing concierge to your tenants, something other long distance property management companies may not offer. In the competitive world of vacation rentals, owners want to take advantage of every edge they can get and providing a 5-star hotel quality experience can be the most important of all services provided. Hundreds of inquiries can be made on your property and although many of those inquiries won’t lead to listing, we at Five Star Lodging tend to garner a higher percentage of nights rented out than the other, less effective, companies that offer property management in Mammoth Lakes CA, which is just one of the secrets to our success.

The Right Choice Made Simple

Obviously, there are many other components to making your Silver Bear an investment that succeeds, and just as your future tenants will appreciate the human touch, the best way to learn everything we offer is with an in-person meeting. Give us a call today and let us show you how partnering with Mammoth Five Star Lodging may be the best decision you made this year, after purchasing your Silver Bear condo of course!

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