White Mountain Lodge Mammoth

When you spend a lot of time planning the ultimate ski getaway, you don’t want to ruin the fun by spending all your time in transit between your vacation sanctuary, and the slopes and our White Mountain Lodge escapes are exactly the spaces you need to avoid doing so. Allowing you to step out the door of your mountain abode and step onto the Village gondola for a day of schussing and playing, the only thing better than their proximity to your winter adventures is the warmth and comfort they provide for all who reside within. This guide to our White Mountain rentals will give you a peek into a vacation that is perfectly designed for your needs, wants, and wishes!

Feel Your Troubles Slip from Your Shoulders in Our White Mountain Rentals

As any competent masseuse will tell you, we humans carry our stresses on our shoulders, moving through life with achy muscles, sore necks, and tension headaches that start at the shoulders and radiate throughout your brain. But when you step inside one of our White Mountain vacation home rentals for the very first time, you will feel those tensions drop from your shoulders as you hear the noise in your brain quiet, and realize that yes, you are on vacation and can now relax. Walk into living rooms that are light and bright, offering comfy couches, large televisions, and fireplaces that will keep you warm and cozy on the coldest of nights. Cozy kitchens provide everything you need to make and enjoy a homemade meal (minus the food) and provide the all-important makers of caffeine, ensuring that every morning starts out the right way with a belly full of hot warm coffee. Dining areas serve as multipurpose spots to play games, check in with the office, and devour home-cooked meals, and bedrooms are spaces filled with peace, tranquility, and cloud-soft beds. Upgraded fixtures and a selection of fine hotel-quality toiletries prove that bathrooms can be functional and beautiful at the same time, and access to community amenities ensure that every minute of your stay in our White Mountain vacation rentals will be filled with fun! Every detail is important when it is your vacation, and those amenities can enhance your experience.

Community Amenities

Travel is different these days. We want our vacations to be an adventure from the moment we arrive until that sad moment we depart with our suitcases trailing behind, stopping for one last look at the scene of fun, laughter, and comfort. And because not everything can fit into the cozier floorplan of the vacation escapes we choose, community amenities are extremely important. Our White Mountain vacation rentals offer a host of amenities large and small, including community pools for summer swims, hot tubs that can be enjoyed year-round, and game rooms furnished with comfortable televisions, rows of supersized televisions hanging around the room, and full-sized pinball and video arcade games destined to provide hours of entertainment to teens who are suddenly not so bored. A fitness center offers treadmills, elliptical machines, and recumbent bikes as well as free weights and a variety of other workout equipment designed to help you enjoy all the rich calories of vacation food without suffering any consequences. And a media room with leather recliners that offer cup holders in the arms is great for family movie night, finishing up our tour of entertainment amenities.

But wait, there’s more! Not all amenities are glamorous, and the more functional amenities can be as important to the success of your getaway. The community laundry room allows guests to pack light and save room in their luggage for souvenirs and memorabilia, while a storage room keeps rental bikes safe, warm, and dry when not in use. Heated underground parking does the same thing for your car, eliminating time wasters such as window scraping and waiting for the engine to heat up before you head out on your next adventure. An elevator ensures that after skiing all day, you don’t have to push muscles that are already stretched beyond normal into a hike up the stairs. (And it makes carrying luggage and packages to your condo much easier as well!) There are many details that go into a successful vacation, and we at Mammoth Five Star Lodging do check them all off your list!

Beyond White Mountain Lodge

As much fun as you can have inside the boundaries of our White Mountain rentals, there is that much more fun to be had in Mammoth Lakes. Skiing in the winter, fishing in the summer, and exploring the Inyo Craters, created by blasts of steam over six centuries ago, these natural landmarks never fail to fascinate. So, play, explore, and come home to Mammoth Five Star Lodging and never want to leave. Contact us and reserve your favorite White Mountain Lodge sanctuary today!

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