Mammoth View Villas Vacation Rental Management

While many property management companies offer similar services, the difference is in the details. Our Mammoth View Villas Property Management team is comprised of professionals that are highly are conscientious and meticulous, so that no detail gets missed when it comes to having your property in top shape. This results in satisfied guests and high reviews, creating a cycle that consistently brings in high revenue.  

How Much Should I Pay for Property Management?

At Mammoth Five Star Lodging, we offer management packages at different price points to meet customer needs. We use custom-designed, proprietary technology that blends the best of cutting-edge automation with good, old-fashioned, 24-7 human attention. At the same time, we do not expect homeowners to pay for services they aren’t using. We offer various levels of services, including our Full Service Management at 20% and our Concierge©Elite All-Inclusive Management at just 30%. Our sales and operations platforms are available to individual owner managers for just 10%.  

So You Want to Buy a Vacation Rental?

What Is a Vacation Rental?

A vacation rental is a regulated, professional, tourism business. While some investors choose to also use the vacation rental for personal use, others opt to focus solely on its revenue potential. Either way, it is important to view your purchase of a vacation rental as an ongoing business, not just a home. When you purchase a Mammoth View Villas property, a property management company can help you monetize your investment. 

Think Hospitality Management, Not Property Management

Managing your Mammoth View Villas property includes overseeing the property’s short- and long-term maintenance needs and providing detailed housekeeping services to make sure your property is always at its best when guests arrive. However, it is so much more than this. Guests expect a hotel-like experience even when staying in a private vacation rental. From answering pre-booking questions to seeing things through once the guests have arrived, good property managers offer services as would a travel agent or concierge. A typical vacation rental in Mammoth Lakes, CA can generate between 50 to 80 confirmed reservations per year as well as hundreds of inquiries. The quality of service offered has a direct impact on the number of bookings acquired and guest satisfaction, which then has a direct impact on revenue. Our Mammoth View Villas property management team focuses on providing a five-star hospitality management experience, which puts more money in your pocket. 

What We Offer as Your Mammoth View Villas Property Manager 

Optimized Direct Bookings 

At Mammoth Five Star Lodging, we focus on acquiring direct bookings, eliminating over-reliance on third party sites. This means fewer unnecessary fees taking away from your overall profit. 

Hands-On Revenue Management

Our team has experience providing five-star guest services in a challenging rural market, resulting in great reviews for our properties and increased revenue for property owners. We utilize dynamic pricing technology to make sure your property is always competitive within the market.  

Personalized Property Care

Our sharp attention to detail ensures your property is at its best when guests arrive. A comprehensive maintenance and housekeeping checklist make sure no detail gets missed.  

Cutting Edge Marketing

In a vacation rental market that can seem flooded with options, we make sure our properties stand out and get noticed. We use proven marketing strategies that include advertising each property on multiple sites, increasing visibility and probability of acquiring bookings.  

We Care About Your Property

Guest Screening 

We employ best practices such as minimum age limit for renting and limits on guest number to proactively protect your property. 

Housekeeping & Maintenance

Our housekeeping and maintenance teams work to make sure each of our Mammoth View Villas properties are always looking their best. We not only make sure your home is guest-ready, but also proactively take steps to ensure your home’s longevity.  

Guest Services

A property management team is only as good as its customer service. We treat each of our guests like VIP’s, knowing that their vacation experience is important to them. In return, guests enjoy their stay at Mammoth View Villas, which is reflected in their top reviews.  

Premier Mammoth View Villas Property Management

Trusted Homeowner Partnerships

Our Mammoth View Villas property management relationships are built on a solid foundation of trust. From the very beginning, we are up-front on all costs and services, so there are no hidden fees or surprises.  

The Complete Package

We know that your vacation rental property is important to you, and we treat it as such. We offer the complete package of excellent property care, friendly guest services, and trusted homeowner partnerships that give you peace of mind and boost your property revenue. Contact our Mammoth View Villas property management team today to learn more about how we can partner together! 

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