Mammoth Canyon Lodge Vacation Rental Management

For many of us, the idea of owning a second home is but a fantasy, and one that is barely entertainable at that. However, as travel becomes easier and more common, many are finding that it is more then possible to have a vacation home by renting it out when they aren’t using it. It can be very difficult to find a Mammoth Canyon Lodge management company with whom you can trust your beloved home, especially one in such a prize location. Mammoth Five Star Lodging is here to give you the peace of mind you need when making such an important investment.

Who Are We?

We pride ourselves on the fact that we are different from the various corporately owned Canyon Lodge management companies that can be found in the area. As we were once customers of travel organizations ourselves, we know how frustrating working with these bodies can be and have done our best to separate ourselves from them. For instance, you won’t find any hidden charges or fees after signing on with us. We ask for a flat commission fee of 38% and no more or less. As well, we keep customer service in mind and thus we don’t outsource any of our services, and our reservations are all done in house. Not only this, but we even handle all concierge work ourselves.

What Does Our Mammoth Canyon Lodge Management Do for You?

We also understand all the stresses that can come with owning and renting your second home. For this reason, we are here to take as much of the burden off your back as possible. For example, we know that the photos that one uses can make or break a rental. We will have all your photos professionally taken. As well, we have largely invested in advertising as well as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Further, we take care of the rental process and give you peace of mind by pre-screening all renters.

In addition, we can understand that it can be stressful not knowing who is in your home cleaning it. Well, we make sure that only the highest of security is met. During cleanings there is always two cleaners on site to ensure openness and honesty. As well, each cleaner gets a detailed checklist to ensure that your home looks as magnificent as the day you bought it. Finally, we will always protect your investment and will uphold all rules that have been set in place.

Take the chance to make your Mammoth Canyon Lodge vacation home dreams come true and call us at 1-866-626-6684 to start your journey!

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