Increasing the Value for your Mammoth Mountain Vacation Rental

There’s no question that owning a vacation rental is exciting! Between the customer experience you have the chance to create and the potential profits in-store, there’s a lot to be gained from this type of investment. That said, being prepared to welcome tenants must go hand-in-hand with thoughts for the future. In the event that you ever want to sell your vacation rental and upgrade or downgrade, small changes you make today can make a big difference in your success rate.

Above all, increasing the property value of your Mammoth Mountain vacation condo must be approached with multi-faceted goals in mind. The upgrades you make have to look great but also need to be functional, durable, and easy to alter if the person who eventually buys your property decides to live in it full-time instead of renting it out. The following are just a few upgrades and changes to consider when you’re looking to increase the property value of your vacation rental.

Focus on an Open Floor Plan

Knocking down a few walls today could significantly increase the value of your vacation rental in Mammoth Lakes down the line. These days, tenants and buyers alike are looking for homes that feature spacious, open designs that are easy to live in, comfortable, and provide plenty of aesthetic options too. At a minimum, look at making your ground level open concept by creating a single area where the living room, dining room, and kitchen are seamlessly connected.

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Upgrade the Kitchen

There’s something about a well-appointed kitchen that gets buyers excited. Even if they aren’t great cooks, chances are that even the smallest of upgrades in this area of the home will increase the value of the property exponentially. Start with adding a collection of modern and preferably stainless steel appliances. These prove to be durable and long-lasting and also look great with a variety of décor schemes. The second element to be sure to consider would be upgrading countertops. You don’t have to go for granite if the budget is tight but do go for a stone or synthetic surface that’s resistant to stains and looks really beautiful in its surroundings. Including a central island in a kitchen is a great way to enhance seating space through the use of barstools while also opening up the possibilities for space with meal preparations.

Pair Every Bedroom with a Bathroom

If the design of your Increasing the Value for your Mammoth Mountain Vacation Rental allows for it, pairing every bedroom in the home with access to its own bathroom or half-bath is a great way to boost property value over the long term. For tenants, a design that includes en-suite bath options not only adds to an overall sense of welcomed privacy but convenience. For future buyers, this type of setup creates more possibilities when it comes to redesigning a home for family life.

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Don’t Overlook the Power of Landscaping

While the interior of a vacation rental is undoubtedly important, overlooking great exterior landscaping could leave you missing out on some value increase opportunities. Curb appeal counts for a lot with home value and is worth investing in. Not only does meticulously landscape design make for great marketing photos, but it provides a more welcoming overall ambiance to enjoy before you even step through the front door. If the budget allows for it, adding entertainment features to the backyard like a fire pit, outdoor kitchen or a welcoming and spacious patio can also work wonders when it comes to boosting property value.

Add a Washer/Dryer Unit

Convenience is key to increasing property value and there’s nothing more convenient than a vacation rental in Mammoth Lakes that includes access to a washer and dryer combo. For tenants, this elevates the feeling of an authentic home away from home. For potential buyers down the line, these home accessories are a vital selling point that can sometimes make all the difference.

Keep The Paint Fresh

Making sure that a home always has a fresh coat of paint on, both inside and out is an easy way to increase property value without having to invest too much. Regular touch-ups will do the trick and making sure to keep color palettes light is also important. Neutral tones not only look fresh but can enhance the sense of space and offer potential buyers a sense of the home being a clean palette they can design into something all their own.

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