Top Ways to Make Your Mammoth Rental Stand Out

Over the past several years, the vacation rental industry has grown both exponentially and impressively. As more and more travelers look for a customized getaway experience that takes them beyond traditional hotel models, those interested in turning hospitality into their own business are finding profitable routes to success by investing in vacation rentals.

While the industry is without a doubt on the rise, so is the competition. As more Mammoth rental properties hit the market, making the most of a vacation home’s full potential requires more attention to detail and commitment than ever. Staying ahead of the competition is key as well as including those extras that really appeal to a wider audience of tenants with so many options to choose from! When you’re looking to elevate your property and help it stand out from the crowd, be sure to take the following into consideration.

Take All the Details into Account: Exterior and Interior

There’s a tendency for new vacation rental owners to focus exclusively on the interior of the home when it comes to initial upgrades and enhancements—however, this focus means missing out on some important and eye-catching details outside! When doing an evaluation of those changes that could be the ticket to increasing reservations, be sure to look at both exterior and interior details. Curb appeal counts for just as much as those interior comforts, luxurious, and welcoming extras.

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Get the Pictures That Pop Online

You know your Mammoth Lake vacation rental is a standout, but those searching for a place to stay online have to recognize it as well. That means the photos you take of your property to post online need to look fantastic from every angle! Marketing photos should be clear, capture close-ups of the features a home hosts that are unique, and give viewers a transparent look into the property’s overall value.

Invest in Managed Marketing

Far too often, a great vacation rental gets lost in the shuffle of mismanaged marketing efforts. These days, it’s not enough to simply post a listing on a single website. It takes a multi-faceted and market-savvy approach to online advertising to get a property in front of a versatile audience. It’s worth your time to invest in managed marketing when you’re hoping to boost profits without wasting time. Linking up with established marketing efforts will mean your property is not only in front of more eyes but will be reaching inboxes and social media platforms with ease!

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Make Availability a Priority In-Season and Off-Season

It’s tempting to want to split your time between your primary residence and a vacation rental when you first invest in a property but gaining momentum in this competitive market means having your Mammoth rental available as often as possible! Those who are willing to try out different availability options that combine in-season and off-season timelines will likely see a big jump in their annual profits!

Create an Amazing Customer Experience

Having an incredible property to offer guests is only a part of the vacation rental equation. The other half is creating an incredible and truly unforgettable customer experience for those who book a stay. Word of mouth counts for a lot when it comes to returning renters and new tenants alike. Offering up welcoming options like gift baskets, convenient entry, concierge services, and 24/7 call services can make all the difference.

Invest in Health and Safety Standards

These days, perhaps more than ever before, those who book a vacation rental want the luxurious touches included, but also prioritize a commitment to health and safety standards. This is understandable at every turn and has to be a dedicated effort on the part of a vacation rental owner who wants their property to stand out. Not only do you need to invest in top-quality maintenance and cleaning services, but you need to make sure your potential guests know those services are firmly in place. Whether it’s a personalized service a homeowner provides or a contract with local vendors, be sure to provide the specific details surrounding what’s cleaned, when, and how. The same goes for maintenance services as guests who know there’s help readily available if things go awry will enjoy a sense of safety and confidence that’s priceless.

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