Red Slate Vacation Rental Management

While many property management companies offer similar services, some factors make them stand out among the rest. Our Red Slate property management team offers those extras that give a boost among the competition. Our professional team excels when it comes to guest service, providing quality attention and care that makes each guest feel like a VIP. With satisfied guests come positive reviews and increased bookings, making it a win-win for all. Our homeowners also receive VIP treatment, with a variety of management packages to choose from to best suit personal needs. 

How Much Should I Pay for Property Management? 

While some property management services offer a blanket program for all homeowners, we stand out from the crowd by offering a variety of levels from which to choose. Our competitive programs include Full Service Management at 20% and Concierge©Elite All-Inclusive Management at just 30%.  We even make our sales and operations platforms available to individual owner-managers for just 10%. Among these options, we are confident you will find a management option with the right balance of service and price point to suit your needs.  

So You Want to Buy a Vacation Rental? 

What Is a Vacation Rental? 

If you are new to the vacation rental industry, we are here to help you every step of the way. Purchasing an actively renting vacation rental is similar to purchasing a business. Whether you plan to use it solely as an investment or also for personal use and enjoyment, a vacation rental has great potential for bringing in a steady stream of revenue. Welcome to the tourism industry! 

Think Hospitality Management, Not Property Management 

Much more than simply managing the day-to-day details of a property such as housekeeping and maintenance, owning a vacation rental enters you into the hospitality industry. Our Red Slate Property Management team fully embraces the hospitality role, treating guests as if they are VIPs from start to finish. A typical Mammoth Lakes vacation rental receives hundreds of inquiries per year and generally receives 50-80 bookings. This results in the need for a top-of-the-line hospitality team to ensure that guest service is always at its best, resulting in maximum bookings. We offer a hotel-like experience to guests in line with the guidance of a travel agent and the tips of a concierge. The quality of service guests receive can significantly impact the return on your investment, so choosing the best Red Slate property management service provider is key to your vacation rental’s success! 

What We Offer as Your Red Slate Property Manager 

Optimized Direct Bookings 

Our property management team focuses on securing direct bookings rather than overusing third-party booking sites. This results in lower fees for both the guest and homeowner, putting more money in your pocket. When guests book direct, they are also able to receive more personalized service from our team.  

Hands-On Revenue Management 

Rather than simply listing each property on booking sites and hoping for the best, our professional Red Slate property management team employs a hands-on approach that ensures your property stays consistently competitive in the market. We apply a variety of marketing and pricing strategies to ensure your property is appealing to a wide variety of travelers. 

Personalized Property Care 

Our property management team will treat your Red Slate vacation rental property better than if it were our own. Our experienced team anticipates concerns before they become a problem, keeping your property in its best condition. Our housekeeping and maintenance crews are highly professional with a keen eye for detail.  

Cutting Edge Marketing 

We employ a variety of proven marketing strategies to make sure your vacation rental stands out among the competition. This ensures your property receives a steady flow of bookings.  

We Care About Your Property 

Guest Screening 

We take precautionary measures to ensure your property is in only the best hands. Through personal contact with each guest and set parameters guests must meet in order to make a booking, we keep the care and quality of your property always in the best interest.  

Housekeeping & Maintenance 

Every detail matters to guests when it comes to cleanliness, and our professional housekeeping crew ensures no box goes unchecked. Regular maintenance checks ensure everything on your property continues to run smoothly.  

Guest Services  

From answering pre-booking questions to a courtesy follow up after their stay, we provide helpful, friendly services to the guests at our Red Slate vacation rentals.  

Premier Red Slate Property Management 

Trusted Homeowner Partnerships 

We base our relationships with homeowners on a solid foundation of open communication and transparent processes. With our honest communication, you can rest assured there will be no hidden fees or unwanted surprises.  

The Complete Package 

Contact us today to elevate your vacation rental by partnering with our Red Slate Property Management team! 

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