Sierra Megeve Vacation Rental Management

While many property management companies offer similar services, it is the small details that set them apart. Our Sierra Megeve property management team stands out from the crowd when it comes to customer service and attention to detail. Customers have high expectations for their well-earned vacations, and we offer friendly, professional service from pre-booking questions through the completion of their stay that surpasses expectations. We also ensure each property is in pristine condition before the guests’ arrival, making sure every box on our detailed checklist gets ticked with no small detail overlooked. With satisfied customers come five-star reviews, affecting the potential for more bookings. So, while many Mammoth Lakes property management companies handle bookings, housekeeping, and maintenance, our team shines when it comes to the complete package!

We also offer a strong marketing platform, getting the properties we manage in front of a wide variety of potential guests. Our properties are listed on a number of popular sites in addition to benefitting from marketing campaigns. The Five Star family of brands utilize a custom-designed, proprietary technology that blends the best of cutting-edge automation with good, old fashioned, 24-7 human attention. We offer only the best when it comes to customer service and property care!

Mammoth Lakes Property Management?

Our Sierra Megeve property management team knows that each property owner has differing needs when it comes to levels of service. While some owners may want assistance with only certain aspects of property management and would like to handle the rest themselves, others would prefer a more complete package. Whether you prefer a hands-on or hands-off approach, our tiered levels of service will cater to your needs. We offer a wide range of programs, including our Full Service Management at 20% and Concierge©Elite All-Inclusive Management at just 30%. Our sales and operations platforms are also available to individual owner managers for just 10%. We have a program with the right price and balance of service for you!

So, You Want to Buy a Vacation Rental?

Purchasing a vacation rental can be likened to purchasing an ongoing business. A vacation home can be a condo, townhome, or private home that is being actively rented in order to monetize the investment. While homeowners may continue to use the residence for personal use, a property manager will ensure a return on the investment with a steady flow of bookings when not in use. Vacation rentals operate within the regulated tourism business. With the right property manager, owning a vacation rental will mean a steady flow of revenue in your pocket!

Think Hospitality Management, Not Property Management

While many consider property management to entail overseeing bookings, housekeeping, and management, a large part of the responsibility actually falls under the hospitality umbrella. Guests expect top-notch service when it comes to vacation accommodations, from pre-booking questions being answered to on-the-ground availability. A typical vacation rental in Mammoth Lakes, CA can generate between 50 to 80 confirmed reservations per year as well as hundreds of other inquiries. To provide high-quality service, property managers must take on duties that are similar to a travel agent or concierge.

At the same time, our team offers a strong foundation when it comes to property management. We treat each property better than if it were our own, taking into consideration both the short-term care and longevity of a property. We work with top-notch housekeeping and maintenance crews that ensure your property is in pristine condition. Years of experience help us to anticipate issues before they arise and quickly resolve any housekeeping or maintenance concerns before guests arrive. Our Sierra Megeve property management team provides the complete package that includes aspects of hospitality management and property management, resulting in satisfaction from both guests and property owners.

Partner with Our Sierra Megeve Property Management Team!

Whether you are already the owner of a Sierra Megeve condominium in Mammoth Lakes, CA or you are considering the possibility of purchasing one to be used as an investment property, our Sierra Megeve property management team at Five Star Lodging is here to help! Our team is helpful and friendly, and we pride ourselves on transparency and trust. From pricing options to services offered, there will never be unwanted surprises. Our team understands that it is a big step to put your property into the care of property management team, and we are here to answer questions every step of the way. Leave behind the burden of to-do lists when it comes to managing your Sierra Megeve property, simply enjoying the benefits of owning an investment property and leaving the rest in our care! Contact our Sierra Megeve property management team at Five Star Lodging for more information.

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