Tips for Property Upkeep for Vacation Rental Owners

Stepping into the dynamic world of owning a vacation rental is an exciting prospect! For many first-time rental owners, it’s an opportunity to try something new that has the potential to be both fulfilling and profitable. That said, it also takes plenty of work, insight, and commitment to make it a successful experience all the way around. It’s important to take some time to think through what you can and can’t adjust to make your Mammoth Mountain condos not only a standout on the market but a place that guests want to return to time and again.

While you definitely can’t control every detail of a vacation rental experience, being prepared enhances your chances of creating a great guest experience. It starts with taking time to prioritize some essential upkeep details that will not only make for a wonderful stay but extend the life of your property before big repairs are needed down the road. While this list doesn’t cover every single detail, it’s a good place to start when you’re looking to elevate your vacation rental ownership experience and want to begin by incorporating some property upkeep steps that are vital.

Remember to Replace Air Filters

This is easy to overlook because air filters feel hidden away in utility closets, however, changing them regularly is key to keeping your vacation rental at a comfortable temperature and functioning properly year-round. Air filters play a big role in keeping circulation throughout a home efficient and healthy. It only takes a minute to change them, but the benefits as far as creating healthy air within a home are undeniable.

Regularly Check Smoke Alarms

Safety has to come first when it comes to owning a vacation rental which makes regular smoke alarm checks an absolute must in terms of upkeep. Keep a collection of extra batteries on hand in the home so replacing them is simple and make time on the calendar to test each one on a regular basis. If you’re unsure about alarm regulations, the local fire department is always happy to come out and do an inspection to make sure your home is in compliance.

Do Frequent Inspections for Leaks

A small drip somewhere unnoticed in a vacation rental can turn into a huge problem if left unattended over time. In-home flooding and severe property damage can easily be avoided with a quick and regular home walk-through to take a look at the faucets and valves that are prone to leaks.

Clean Out the Gutters

It’s easy to forget about the gutters a rental home or condo for rent in Mammoth Lakes CA hosts, but when they become clogged or break, a lot of problems can follow in that wake. Overflowing gutters can lead to damage to the home’s exterior and if left too long, can cause seepage that creates issues with a home’s foundation. To avoid this, make it a point to schedule a spring and fall gutter cleaning to clear those water paths and keep your rental in pristine condition.

Trim Surrounding Trees

Keeping branches that extend towards your vacation rentals roof well-trimmed is a gift to yourself and those who book a stay. There’s no reason to risk damage to a roof or home the next time you’re faced with a windy day when simply clipping away problematic tree branches eliminates the problem at the source.

Keep Up with Pest Spraying

Regularly spraying for pests is important whether your Mammoth Mountain condo is booked seasonally or year-round. The last thing a guest wants is to encounter crawly critters inside during their visit. For homeowners, keeping a property well-sealed from pests is a good way to reduce issues that come from nests of mice, termites, and the likes developing within walls and flooring.

Spot Check Paint

When you own a vacation rental, the basic details count for a lot with your tenants. Paint is one of those aesthetic points that should always be a priority when creating a great guest experience. Be sure to keep a can of wall paint handy for quick touch-ups in between guest visits and schedule an annual walk-through to see if there are areas that might require a more professionally applied coat.

Get Help When It’s Needed

Not every vacation rental owner finds keeping up with property maintenance easy—which is ok! When you know you’re likely to forget some important details, invest in scheduling local services to keep yourself on track. There’s no rule that says you have to handle everything entirely on your own!

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