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We have been using Mammoth 5 Star to manage our property in The Village for a little over a year now and we can't say enough great things about how professional, thorough and squared away they are. Our unit is always rented and our tenants consistently give us 5 star ratings because the unit is so well maintained. The Mammoth 5 Star team is highly responsive and very meticulous about maintenance which is great as we sometimes go months without visiting our unit. With Mammoth 5 Star we are always confident that the unit is clean and fully operational so that our tenants have the best experience possible.

Rebekah K.

Village 2 bedroom Owner

We’ve been using Jason and Megan at Five Star for over two years. They're our second management company. We just had too many cleaning and maintenance issues with the previous company. Five Star definitely does a great job with overall care of our place especially with cleaning which they manage themselves, identifying issues with their own maintenance person and also helping coordinate repairs or even upgrades of us hiring contractors. With them being the owners and very involved, we do believe we're both trying to make the most income and keep the unit in great condition. Our previous company was also local, but daily operations weren't the owners so maybe there was less incentive. With a rental, and quick turnaround with tenants, there are issues that come up at times but Megan and Jason and their team always try to resolve anything and do it quickly. Anytime I call, they answer or are quick to call or text back.

Eric K.

Snowcreek Phase 2, 1 bedroom Owner

Locally run and owned for 15 or more years. This management company is far superior to any other in Mammoth. Customer service, rental unit information plus the owners strive to guarantee a fabulous vacation in Mammoth. As a Mammoth property owner, when I had a choice of numerous other management companies and I made the best decision. I rate Mammoth Five Star lodging #1 for vacation rentals for guest use along with property management.

Nancy S.

Crestview, 2 bedroom Owner

We are the owners of a condo in Snowflower and Mammoth Five Star Lodging has been managing our property for the last year and a half. Jason & Megan are always very professional and strive to give the guests the best vacation experience possible. They are very thorough with the improvements and maintenance suggestions that they receive from guests. Always passing along the feedback to us and helping us make any improvements that are identified by guest or the Quality Control team that checks our unit before and after every stay. This assures that our condo is always in tip top shape for our guests. We feel that partnering with Mammoth Five Star Lodging has been a great decision for us and we are proud to partner with them.

Heidi D.

Snowflower, 2+Loft Owner

Just back from a short stay in our Snowcreek V condo. Five Star Lodging manages our condo and keeps it rented, immaculately clean and maintained for us and all our guests. Staff is friendly and always on top of any maintenance that needs to be done to insure our guests are comfortable. I highly recommend Five Star Lodging to other prospective owners looking for a quality rental management company and to potential renter guests.

Jeff B.

Snowcreek Phase 5, 2+Loft Owner

Megan and Jason manage our condo in Mammoth and we have nothing but wonderful reviews from all of our guests. They are responsive and available. A light goes out, the remote needs a battery, a guest has a question - they are on it. It's nice knowing our property is always in good hands. I highly recommend renting from them (and us!).

Katie L.

Crestview 3 bedroom Owner

We've only had our property listed with Five Star Lodging for a few months but so far our experience has been wonderful. They are quick to respond to any request, regardless of how big or small. Megan has been extremely helpful and patient while teaching me the new booking system and answering all my questions. Based on our experience so far, we are excited to continue working with them and trust them to look after our property.

Robyn S.

Mammoth Sierra Townhomes 2+Loft Owner


At Mammoth Five Star Lodging we understand that vacation rental owners want the best of both worlds: a prized vacation home which is expertly cleaned and maintained; as well as a successful and profitable investment that consistently generates maximum revenue with minimal wear and tear. We strive to deliver on both by providing outstanding guest service to our customers and accountability to our property owners, while striking a balance between high occupancy and meticulous property care. Our goal is to manage your home for as long as you own it, so we continually invest (and reinvest) in the best technology, systems, staff and training available. The result is consistently superior reviews from our guests and maximum revenue for our owners.

Professional Vacation Rental Management

by the team at Five Star Lodging, Inc.

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  • How we achieve our 99% GUEST SATISFACTION RATE meaning LESS THAN 1% of guests give an unfavorable review.
  • How our INVESTMENTS in the LATEST TECHNOLOGY help us produce MORE REVENUE and take BETTER CARE of your home.
  • Which of our pricing tiers (AS LOW AS 10%) is best for you.
Tired of one-size-fits-all managers who promise too much and deliver too little?
Five Star Lodging’s multi-tiered approach to Vacation Rental Management offers a variety of programs for as little as 10%, to provide owners with exactly the level of service that best meets their needs.
Whether you prefer to keep direct control over your property, or would rather leave everything to us; we have a management program tailored to suit your needs (and budget). No matter which program you choose, you can expect your property to be marketed with top notch photos and ads, entirely at our expense*.
Every property is individually advertised everywhere: here in Mammoth on Five Star’s family of local brands (each with a long, local history) as well as globally- through our network of partners including AirBnB, Expedia,,, VRBO, Travelocity, FlipKey, and more. Pricing is set by a Dynamic Pricing Engine, which constantly monitors the market and sets the highest possible, salable rates for every property, every night (based on that days market performance).
Every Five Star Lodging property is fully outfitted with our proprietary e-security package. Computerized door locks generate original, expiring codes for every guest Stay*. 24/7 human call and emergency monitoring combined with our all new privacy-safe sensor arrays which monitor your home 24/7 (for ambient temperature, occupancy, overcrowding, excessive noise, and even barking dogs*) mean peace of mind for you, while delivering outstanding service for our guests.
Each program includes all features of the programs below them. *Some exclusions apply, inquire for details.

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  • Why WE SPEND EXTRA time and money so OUR ENTIRE FIELD STAFF is ISSA CERTIFIED in Anti-Microbial Cleaning.
  • Why TRANSPARENT ACCOUNTING is critical for your success in the vacation rental business.

Professional Vacation Rental Management

by the team at Five Star Lodging, Inc.

Advanced, Data-driven Operations


Every manager cleans and tries to keep things in working order. The difference between okay service and Five Star Service, is great systems and great people. When problems are missed, guests are disappointed and they share their disappointment in their review. Sales performance suffers. At Five Star, we pay our people more and we support them with the best systems money can buy. Maintenance problems are typically caught and/or cleaning problems corrected before the guest arrives. Our time/date stamped records for everything we do help overcome complaints and disputes.

The result is that FEWER THAN 1% OF OUR GUESTS leave an unfavorable review. That translates to more consistent, outstanding revenue performance.

Superior Housekeeping


Sani-Sweep© 3-Step Cleaning means we send no fewer than THREE ISSA Anti-microbial Sanitation Certified team members to your unit on every departure. First, a "Linen Stripper/Asst. Housekeeper" arrives to clear trash and dirty linens, and deliver the clean linens and supplies for the maid. Next the maid arrives and thoroughly cleans the unit. Because she didn’t have to carry as much as 160 lbs of linen in & out, she's much less tired and does a better job. Additionally, units are assigned the same cleaner each time as they develop familiarity with your home. Finally a supervisor or maintenance tech conducts a pre-arrival, Quality Control check the day of guest arrival to ensure everything is in tip top shape for guest arrival.

Automated 24/7 Smart Sales


Smart Sales© means your property is being managed and represented to customers 24/7 through a combination of high-tech, custom-built automation; machine learning; algorithmic processes and tools which combine the best of today's technology with careful, 24-7 human oversight. From our friendly and professional 24/7 guest attendants to the included in-room e-tablets which give guests access to Five Star’s constantly evolving world of proprietary guest automation; your guests will rave about the unbeatable hotel-like service.

Naked Accounting


Trust, but verify. At Five Star Lodging, Naked Accounting© means our records are fully exposed. Our cloud based online portal allows property owners to see everything- past, present AND FUTURE bookings (even the names of the guests). All your financial records are accessible to you in real time, any time. With Five Star Lodging, and Naked Accounting you know nothing is being hidden from your view.

Proprietary, Constant Concierge


The future is here with our custom-designed, proprietary technology that blends the best of cutting-edge automation with good, old-fashioned, 24-7 human attention. We have figured out the best way to deliver top quality guest service in a challenging rural market; and that means outstanding service for your guests, and great reviews for your property.


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