Property Walkthrough: Eagle Run #204

Mammoth is, without a doubt, one of the premier ski locations in the country, and if you’re planning a trip out this way to hit the slopes, what better way to complete the experience than by staying in a luxurious rental that will make sure you get some great rest every night and wake up ready to hit the slopes every morning?

Even if you aren’t planning your visit during the ski season, this luxurious Mammoth rental will make sure your Mammoth getaway is as comfortable as possible. It’s loaded up with all kinds of amenities to make sure comfort is front and center, and you’ll be treated to the incredibly gorgeous views of the mountainside during all seasons, snow or not. In addition to everything you’ll in Eagle Run #204, you’ll also have access to some communal amenities that are sure to enhance the quality of your stay.

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The Layout and Amenities at our Mammoth Rental

This is a newly built home where convenience and comfort are front and center. You’ll notice from the moment you arrive that the layout is designed to be as convenient as possible. Since it’s adjacent to the underground parking area, loading and unloading your luggage is guaranteed to be a breeze, especially since the walkways up to the front door have their own heating.

Once inside, you’ll notice that there’s a mudroom with storage space for all of your skiing and snowboarding gear. We know how cumbersome it can be to travel with all of this equipment, so don’t worry about it taking up precious space in your rental home while you’re trying to relax, because it will all be right by the entrance waiting for you in the morning.

Getting together and enjoying good company is an important part of renting out any kind of vacation space, and we wanted to make sure the living room at Eagle Run #204 is up to that standard. You and your friends and family will easily be able to congregate in the living room over a meal or drink, whether you’re prepping for a day of outdoor fun or just settling in for a night of quiet relaxation. If you’re planning on spending some extra time at home just to make the most of the serene atmosphere, you also have a flatscreen TV in the living room, so feel free to put on your favorite shows or movies to liven up the room. If you prefer to keep it quiet but you’re still looking for a change in atmosphere, there’s also a fireplace in the living room that will really complete the aesthetic.

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A house is never complete without a kitchen, and we’ve made sure that this property has everything you could possibly need to keep your entire party well-fed and entertained. This kitchen is fully furnished with all of the modern appliances anyone needs to make sure cooking is a breeze, and there’s plenty of extra storage space between the cabinets, counters, and refrigerator.

This area also has two community hot tubs for you to use, one of which is just step away from the front door. There’s something to be said about heading out to the hot tub on a cold night, especially when it’s snowing. If you happen to be here at the right time, be sure to head out there and enjoy the weather without having to worry about getting too cold.

Other Nearby Activities

Not only are you located in a prime ski-in/ski-out location, there’s also a bike trail right near your front door. Heading into town is nice and easy because of this, so you won’t even have to worry about driving if you don’t want to, and you’ll even be treated to the spectacular panoramic views of the mountains while doing something as simple as heading into town for lunch.

Make sure you head into Mammoth proper to check out some of the wonderful restaurants while you’re here, too. There are plenty of local mainstays that come highly recommended, and every now and then you might find something new during your stay. Hitting the town is the perfect complement to any Mammoth stay, so don’t think that skiing is all that awaits you here.

Come and Enjoy the Mountains any Time

Regardless of your plans, you’re sure to enjoy your time here at Eagle Run #204. It’s the perfect ski-in/ski-out location during the right season, but you’ll also be in a prime spot for a scenic mountain getaway even when it isn’t snowing. Our team would be happy to match you up with this gorgeous vacation home, so get in touch with us today and come and see Mammoth Mountain for yourself.

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